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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 1, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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do the kind of prosecution, they need victims to come forward. reporting lye in charles county, tracee wilkins. when he confronted the suspect early this morning in the parking lot, the man drove off but he was dragging the officer with him. the officer tells investigators that he feared for his life. right now members of the senate are debating the appointment of the next fbi director, christopher ray is
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we are expecting the vote on this confirmation to begin within the hour. ray served as assistant attorney general during george w. bush's administration. he also worked in the justice department's criminal division, along with james comey and robert mueller. when he left the government he went into law. ray also served as new jersey governor's personal attorney during the bridge gate scandal. another move to decriminalize pot here. new jersey senator just introduced a new bill that will legalize marijuana at the federal live. people already in federal prison serving time for marijuana related offenses could be resentenced under this new legislation or have their convictions tossed out and federal funds would be used to encourage states to lose the laws as well. booker announced the legislation in facebook live video. >> we the people must make that demand and must insist upon it. marijuana laws have devastated
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cities, have devastated families and have devastated too many lives. >> the legislation has widespread support from the public, but some observers say it will never pass gop-controlled congress. take a look at this. that's a car, not a boat, surrounded by high water. tropical storm emily dumped 8 inches of water in the tampa bay area. in lakeland, florida the water is knee hot in some places, roads are flooded and roads are closed and it could be days before things dry out and return to normal. >> doug, is any of that headed this way. absolutely not. that storm system will stay off the coast, but it's still providing big time rains and in parts of south florida today. you can see where emily is right now, right now just a tropical depression, not a very strong one, just down to this east of jacksonville. look at the trail right on down
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now, for us, you can see where the clouds are heading, that's the boundary off towards the east, that will stay well to our east. i'm not worried about that at all. what we are talking about now, not just the heat, we hit 90 again, we've got a couple of showers in through parts of montgomery county. but most of us remain on the dry side, some big thunderstorm activity around the baltimore area, we can see a few more through the evening, we're talking more about the heat and the humidity. we'll talk much more about that, i'll see you back here in about 10 minutes. if you want to talk police about recent crimes and safety concerns in your neighborhood, tonight is your night. many police departments are taking part in the national night out. this event races -- to raise awareness about crime and drug prevention and build a better bond between police in the community. the mayor kick off the night out events less than an hour from now and there will be events held. more than 80 prince georges county communities haveht
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and fairfax counties taking part as well. you can take a look in your neighborhood on nbc washington app. heart broken mother speaks through her tears after her teenage daughter is stabbed. >> really important for us to parents to never stop parenting our children. and she has strong advice to all parents who think that tragedy could never effect your children. also first at 4:00, last year thousands of local kids krnt ready to go back to school because they weren't up to date on their shots, but the plan to prevent that this year. elegance, now, queen elizabeth is opening up about how much she drinks every day. it's probably more than what any of us drink. >> she's in her 90s. okay. we're working for you even during the break. >> check out storm team 4 and the top stor
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the parents of a 12-year-old new jersey girl who committed suicide after being bullied are planning to sue the school district. a middle schooler took her own life back in june. her parents say it was because she was being harassed for nine months by at least three girls at school. w,
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the school district, claiming school officials were negligent because they failed to stop the attacks. we are hopeful that this case will finally open up this dark secret and finally get administrators across the country to realize, you must stop this because this phone can kill. >> shortly after malorie's death, they released a statement expressing its sympathies to the family and friends. tonight on nbc nightly news, steph fianie goss has more and expert advice on what warning signs you should look out for. we're working for you to make sure your child is ready for school. this year prince georges county is making it easier for students to get the immunizations they need before classes start. chris citizen wright has what you need to know --r
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know. >> for more than 6,000 students in prince georges county school last year that didn't happen. they didn't have the required immunizations. the school district is partnering with kaiser permanente to offer free immu anization clinics. making sure their students are vaccinated. it's very important. >> it's definitely a concern. in past years we've had a number of student who is are unprepared on day one with the proper immunizations. >> the free immunizations continues through friday through the rest of the week, there are other clinics going on as well in the county. we have that information in the nbc washington app. chrkristin wright, news 4. >> we're working with you with kids in other school districts as well. arlington county will host free clinics on tuesdays, wednesdays, and fridays. alexandria school says they're sending
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and montgomery county is offering free clinics throughout the summer. the things that make these phone cases sparkle, also make them a little bit dangerous. the company called mixed electronics recalling thousands of these kids because the liquid in the glitter inside can leak out. they were made for the iphone 6, 6 s and 7. at least 19 people reported skin irritations and even burned. they were sold between october 2015 and june of this year. >> yeah, doug, you need to give that up. >> i thought maybe i would change it any way, that's a good thing. >> what are you changing about the weather. >> not much. the change is next couple of days aren't going to be much at all. we're seeing temperatures average around the upper 80s right now. most of us are, i think we'll
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next couple of days, better chance of storms tomorrow. we have a few showers out there right now. you'll notice, partly mostly cloudy skies, that's what we're dealing with a few showers and the clouds coming through. 88 degrees, winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. it has been a pretty nice afternoon and nice as far as humidity is concerned. heat index is seeing up to 91 degrees. a little bit of heat index. currently 90 in fredericksburg. but look at this, 78 gaithersburg. 81 in leesburg, take a look at that. here is what's going on around dc. bulk of the shower activity has been in and around and up to the north, see a pretty big storm up around frederick a little bit earlier, that's now decreased; nothing up there now. a couple of showers around the only area you can see what's happening. look at this shower right here, coming through parts of downtown, parts of northeast dc, seeing that just north and
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new york avenue a little bit earlier. it's moving up towards north. talking about leesburg, it was up to 90 earlier. we had a little shower come over and that's drifting down to the south as well right along 15. a couple of showers but most of us remain on the dry side. you see what's happening around our region. watch the cloud just kind of bubble up around our region. few showers here and there, not much going on. across our area, i'm watching a little bit of a boundary that's going to make its way, a better chance of storms tomorrow afternoon. but only about 30% chance and again most of us should remain on the dry side. down to the side, this is what's left of emily, 30 miles an hour winds, making its way to the north and east providing heavy rain fall, moving northeast at 14 miles per hour by thursday 8:00 a.m. it's way out there, getting close to bermuda and to the north and west of bermuda, not
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either. so, for us, not much of an impact at all in our region. tomorrow a little bit of an impact from showers and storms. 8:00, no problem there. watch what happens during the afternoon, we bubble up again, scattered showers and thunderstorms around the area through 4 and 5:00. so tomorrow may be a good idea to carry the umbrella. i don't think you'll need it all day long if you're headed to the pool, keep a watchful eye to the sky. if you see any rumble of thunders, make sure you have the pool, 91 by 4:00. temperatures about where they are today, into the 90s right on through friday. hottest day thursday into friday, a little bit more humidity, really nice, it moves through late friday. saturday and sunday looking good, next chance of rain. >> all right. thank you, doug. hey, a warning about a new scam in arlington. some residents are getting phone calls demanding they pay a fine for missing jury duty. the callers say they're from
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arlington county sheriff's office. if you get a call like that, you should call the sheriff's office just to verify that and keep in mind that the sheriff's office generally doesn't call you asking for money over the phone. >> good advice. >> well, let the race begin. he's the very first one to make his presidential run official for the 2020 election. first at 4:00, why this local congressman says he wants the top job. plus it could be this year's what kor lor is that dress. take a look at this. you think that's woman's chair. it's sparking a lot of back and forth on
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mick jagger from magic
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here. >> i'm so excited, can we say #blackgirlmagic. misty copeland is the new ambassador for the fragrance, they asked her what does beauty mean to her, she said uniquen s uniqueness, not fitting into the mold. that's something i 100,000% agree with. >> that's her life story. >> her battle to become a ballerina, they thought her body type was wrong. >> and being the first african-american female principle dancer for american ballet. her story is incredible. >> she's blowing up this year. >> her profile is getting higher and higher. we'll see some big things with her. >> i can't wait. tv, digital. the sky is the limit. >> all right, let's talk about movies, lion king getting redone this year. i understand that there is a beyonce connection here. >> i am so hoping that this rumor is true. okay, so a while back
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that the director for disney's lion king remake said he was going to seek out beyonce to play the voice of nola. well fast forward, we're hearing that she's close to making this $25 million deal where she'll not only play the role of nala she'll also produce the soundtrack for the film and she'll have a few songs on there herself. i'm hoping that this is true. >> if that is, if any part is true, it's going to be a monster. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> i don't think i'm going to see lion do that dance. >> speaking of animals, take a quick look at this. this is the thing we were talking about just off camera. is what you're seeing here is a dog or purse, what do you think that is. what do you think it is? >> a quick look, it looks like a dog. but it's actually a purse and hanna and her mom were walking down
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pointing and laughing and they're like, oh, that's a cute dog. she posted to twitter and it went viral over 450 comments, 40,000 retweets and everyone is debating does it look like a purse or does it look like a dog. i think it looks like a purse, okay. and the worst part about it, it's on the ground and grandma always said that's bad luck. >> what -- it's bad luck to put your purse on the ground, yeah. >> i've never heard that before. >> my grandma is black, too, and i have not ever heard that. learn something new. jagger working for you. >> i love it. thank you. >> we'll see you next time. all right. >> all right. we all know that. you don't put the purse on the floor. you just don't do that. well, you know it now. a local family couldn't wait to go to their family vacation spot this week, that is until one mistake ended the vacation before it started.
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now, they and so many others are out of thousands of dollars. how they're trying to get that money back. plus, high-tech just plain creepy, told you about this company that decided to give workers micro chips last week,
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now at
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preventable mistake, what a local family plans to do after losing out on thousands of dollars. >> new findings about the zee ka virus, the method that it will not spread the disease from person to ika virus, the method that it will not spread the disease from person to person. >> what it said and what her parents want you to know. a wave of lawsuits is starting to poor in against the construction company blamed for the power outage. thousands of vacationers were forced to leave because the power was out. >> can't say i'm surprised. i thought it was going to happen. a lot of folks were upset about that. >> new at 4:30, they want their money back. >> i can understand that. megan fitzgerald reports, a family from prince georges county say they lost thousands of dollars on a vacation ho
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>> reporter: well, you can see george and jenny roach's car is still in their driveway. they're suppose to be at the outerbacks, because of the power outages they're out of memories and $8,000. >> i've been looking forward for it for months. >> he and his family have been vacationing on hatteras island in the outer banks. they purchase the same cabin they always rent for more than 8 grand for the week. on thursday construction crews in the area accidentally cut a transmission line, knocking out power to the island and prompting a mandatory evacuation. roach and his family didn't even have a chance to arrive. >> to this evacuation has just robbed me of all my memories and all the things that we normally do on our vacations. >> he's also out $8,000, nonrefundable rental. the contract he signed offered travel insur
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turned it down. travel experts say, it's always important to read the insurance policy to know what will be covered and if it's worth the purchase. for now, roach says he'll look into filing a complaint with the attorney general in north carolina, hoping to recoup some of his money. reporting in from prince georges county, megan fitzgerald, news 4. >> as megan just mentioned, if you or someone you know has been impacted because of the mandatory e vak waevacuation. you can file a claim. search outer banks in our nbc washington app. right now, the white house is pushing back against new headlines surrounding the russia investigation. but they're acknowledging that president trump did play a role in trapping a now controversial statement issued by his son. this as they're looking to turn the page, but the new chief of staff be a good economic news, as well. blayne alexander joins us from the white house with today's
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that president trump did weigh in on that statement from his son, but also said very strongly that the statement was not inaccurate, it was not misleading and that the president did nothing wrong. >> the white house moving forward. but being pulled back to questions about russia. the washington post reporting president trump personally dictated a statement attributed to his son about a campaign seating meeting with a russian attorney to get dirt on hillary clinton. >> he certainly didn't dictate. you know, like i said, he weighed in and offered suggestion like any father would do. >> that statement turned out to be misleading and though not illegal, still drawing chrissism. >> that is a problem. >> when you get caught in a lie about one thing, it makes hard to say let the other stuff go. >> frustration is growing. arizona senator jeff blaming his own party for the ris
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not standing up when the president trump fired fbi director james comey. >> that should have set off more alarm bells, i think, than it did. going forward we ought to be careful. >> congress overwhelmingly approving sanctions on the country along with north korea and iran. president trump's signature a chance to back up his strong words with action. today the president is focusing on good news, tweeting about his economic numbers as the market soared toward a record 22,000. . >> they have dubbed american's dreams week, leon. >> thanks, blayne. folks, we want you to weigh in on this. how do you feel about john kelly, nbc washington surveyed close race between optimistic and indifferent. you still have time to te
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facebook page. right now tracking some isolated showers in the evening, we'll see these until the sun sets. this activity up northern frederick county, you know exactly what i'm talking about, pretty potent little thunderstorm impacting the area for about two hours we have lots of reports of damage, including, per my mom, thanks mom she's heading home from work. she's seeing a lot of branches. we also have reports from damage to cars out around the bah lynn jer creek area. at this point it has fizzled out. we're tracking more showers around the sterling area and in parts of the district, more on what this means for tomorrow and a look ahead to the weekend coming up at 4:45 with doug and myself. >> this week nbc 4 will be supporting our schools by collecting backpacks for kids on
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donated new backpacks and school supplies and the apple federal credit union in alexandria, will also accept cash and checks to help purchase additional backpacks and supplies for kids. all the materials will be donated to local schools. also all afcu branches will be accepting backpack and school supply donations now through tomorrow. >> huge turn out in prince georges. >> let's see what you've got alexandria, bring it. it's the first day of august, did you know, this month is one of the biggest for thieves. we're working for you with ways to protect your home. also, ahead, the best of the best, which new local restaurants are getting some pretty big recognition that's coming up at 5:00. >> and bringing you the latest headlines and the weather during the commercial, keep an
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whatwhat made them believeace carthat a two-ton behemothhop? could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it. mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance.
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you leave your homes unoccupied for days at a time. protecting your home while you're off enjoying your va kay. search security tips in the nbc washington app. most
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nuts when we told you about the company offering to implant employees. nearly 90% of the people told us that you would never do that yourself. well, today the wisconsin company went through with its offer and they held a micro chip implanting party there at the office. employees who get the chip now will be able to use it to open up doors and log into their computers and see if they can buy snacks in the break room with this thing. putting it in takes less than a minute. >> i don't know about that. >> i don't know either. >> big brother, right the check, track your moves. >> following every single step you take. >> this works pretty well, until you lose it. >> until you lose it. >> then you can't get into the building or into. and he represents many of you and congress, we're sitting down this a
4:41 pm
man who wants to be president. and she may be 91 years young and she may be the queen of england, but this afternoon, queen elizabeth is revealing how much she drinks every day. and
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giant has unbelievable pro tip produce prices. : so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. that's right honey. bye! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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four things to know this afternoon, a new lawsuit over the death of seth rich, a local investigator is accusing fox news of defamation, claiming fox intentionally misquoted wheeler in a story that was published on the network's web site. the lawsuit also alleges president trump had an advanced copy of the fox story and pushed fox to publish the article with the false quotes. police in ocean city want to know how a 30-year-old woman on a vacation from texas ended up dead in the sand. her body was discovered on the beach early yesterday morning. police say it doesn't appear to be suspicious but they're not ruling anyt
4:45 pm
asking a minor to have sex with them. they could say it could be more victims. ri che richa richard herns is working. it's a chance for police and the community to connect, it's national night out and there were events scheduled all over the area. let's check out the nbc washington app and see where and when one in your neighborhood will start tonight. he's the first democrat to officially toss his hat into the ring for the 2020 election. he's from our neck of the woods. >> that's right. news 4 chris lawrence got a chance to sit down with maryland congressman john delaney today. he's in the newsroom now with a look at why de'cwuáñ decided to go from the house straight to the highest office in the land bypassing the senate, chris. >> no one has made that jump going from the house to the white house in nearly 40 years. i asked him by what making what seems like a huge
4:46 pm
>> why didn't you run for governor first? >> i think this is the work for me to do. i think my background is consistent, investing in small to mid size bids, ping them grow so to employ people and change people's lives. >> he represents parts of montgomery and fredericks county. he made his fortune taking two small banks public. like a higher minimum wage and tax hikes to fund universal, working with republicans and he stands behind trade deals like tpp. >> you don't have a lot of name recognition. >> right. >> nationally. >> yes. does the lack of a standard barrier in the democratic party help you or give you an opportunity to build some traction. >> i don't even think about it like that. i don't have the national name recognition that some other people do, but i'm solving that problem by getting it earlier and giving
4:47 pm
opportunity to do the work and as i said go around the country and basically be open about it. you know, quite frankly other people are running for president now. they're just not telling everyone they're doing it. coming up, we'll dive into more of his policies and whether democrats are willing to accept his ability to work with those across the aisle. pat. >> all right. chris lawrence, thank you, chris. racial tension and controversy leading to threats inside a local fire house. >> wendy here now with new developments of this story tonight. >> well, you know, we're talking about this last night, pat collins had this story last night. he's continuing it tonight. the firefighters accused of making threats after spotting a confederate flag license plate. now the firefighter at the center is telling his side of the story to pat collins, yet, again. also tonight a family filing a lawsuit claiming a school district did not do enough to
4:48 pm
cyber bullying that eventually caused her to commit suicide. tonight we're going the hear from her mother about that lawsuit and the pain she says her daughter experienced. also, the new restaurants in dc that are challenging each other for the title of being the best. we'll see you with those stories coming up in a few minutes. >> you've got it. >> who is anchoring at 5:00 with you. >> pat muse. >> it's going to be the lady's hour. >> is pat sick? >> pat looks great. let's take a look.
4:49 pm
. >> 90 in fredericksburg. 85 in annapolis. it's warm but this is exactly what we expect in the early portions of august. now, look at the radar here in through parts of our area. most of the area dry. we'll go ahead and zoom right on in, you can see a couple of showers. we've got one right over towards sterling. we've got around one right around laurel. these storms are actually shifting down to the south a little bit and then i'm tracking this guy right here. there's another one that just formed, too. this is the one i've been watching. another one just out of the south right across the river over towards arlington and then look at this one over towards northwest right along connecticut. so, a couplef
4:50 pm
that's all they are, though, showers, no real big time thunder as you move on through the rest of the area. well, another warm 91, warm and humid. few thunderstorms, be u the humidity, that's to go up over the next couple of days, amelia draper right now, i saw a bolt of lightning right behind me here, a little bit of lightning right here over the city. the humidity and storms may be increasing tomorrow. there's a lot of mosquitos going back inside after this. as we look to our wednesday, thursday and friday we're going to notice the humidity out there. so feeling v
4:51 pm
and like early august here in the dc metro area. saturday and sunday, it's refreshing, low humidity level, feeling comfortable outside and the weekend looking really nice and not a lot of storm chances in the forecast, but again it's not there tonight and maybe tomorrow. >> that's right, we'll see those storm chances. we saw that bolt of lightning that coming most likely from this storm here, a little bit of thunder with that, too, we'll be watching this evening, does this continue to increase as it moves on through over the next half hour or so in and around the district. if you're thinking about getting outside and taking a walk around the downtown area. you might want to wait for this shower or thunderstorm to pass. next couple of days, highs in the low 90s. and thunderstorm activity, too, and helping to cool things off as we head towards next
4:52 pm
>> mtd what yo -- what you're seeing there is a display of $50 million worth of equipment invested and fire chief benjamin over the past six years. >> mtv president told the "new york times" "it could be a man, could be woman, could be transgender, could be nonconformist. it comes after mtv eliminated gender specific categories. t it replaced best male video and best female video with the new artist of the year award.
4:53 pm
>> about the british monarchy for more than six decades. >> lots of ice before lunch and then a gin martini at lunch which she chases with a piece of chocolate and glass of wine. the queen's final drink comes just before she goes to bed. she always has a glass of champagne right before she turns in. >> after all of that, does she go to sleep at 2:00 in the afternoon. >> we don't know about the napping
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a moir says her daughter's school is -- a mother says her daughter's school is out of line and she's not having it. nbc joe has both sides of this story. >> reporter: a five-year-old's mother said she was absolutely shocked after she red this letter here in loganville because she believe the letter is calling her daughter fat. >> he calls me and says, so is the school calling our kid fat. >> her husband red the letter first and she had the same reaction. >> someone they've never met, laid eyes on, measured, weighed themselves just automatically my child needs health with nutrition and you have to take her to the doctor and provide us with results. >> this letter they received from youth elementary is related to the state required form 3,300, health screenings new public school students complete with a doctor and then submit to their school. the form's nutrition section examines a child's
4:58 pm
weight and mass body index, her child is healthy but listed in the 94th percentile. it asked to have her daughter evaluated and send her school documentation of the visit. she decided not to tell her daughter about the letter. >> we don't need her to have a stigma already. and the fact that she's already nervous about starting school. it's like a whole new world, you know that, we've all been to kindergarten. >> they understand they seek further help but says a child's weight should not be a concern to the school. after hearing her concerns today, a school district spokeswoman wrote 11 alive, we're currently reviewing our procedures to see how we can best help our students. the spokeswoman says it follows a state recommendation to provide resources with issues on form 3,300. >> for the record that letter says she's not going to be taking her daughter to a nutritionist and she's not going to submit a
4:59 pm
school. that's it for right now, news continues with wendy and pat. explosive new allegations against the white house in connection with the murder of dnc staffer seth rich, a new wrinkle in the case and what the administration is saying about this. >> racial tension inside a local fire station after the image of a confederate flag generates threats. we're hearing from the man at the center of the case. >> disturbing news for parents who sent their kids to a search summer camp and why a counselor there is now under arrest. we're going to begin tonight at 5:00 with a story that's sending chills down the spine of parents everywhere. i'm wendy. >> i'm pam lawson. a former charles county school aide accused of abusing two dozen boys and intentionally trying to spread hiv. >> police have had a tough time with this case and they've determined through videos
5:00 pm
through other evidence that there were 24 victims. but they have only been able to identify 13 of them. there are still 11 boy that is have not been identified and have not come forward. parents are scared and frustrated with the school leadership. it's led to at least one major change at the top. the school's principal reassigned. >> bureau chief tracee wilkins talked with some parents who said this case has been a huge wake up call and it's made them change the way they talk to their children. tracee. >> reporter: absolutely. a lot of tough conversations happening right now between parents and their children. i've been told by multiple sources, close to this investigation, that they are having a very difficult time getting victims to come forward and parents to cooperate. if parents are not having the conversations they need to with their kids, now is the time. >> it's things like mr. bill that makes you hard to trust anybody. >> they're asking themselves,


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